We are a lively bunch here at Seaboard. We like the arts, we like music, and we like parties. So, we make some events here. Depending on the season, we can have up to three events a week, all with a different flavour...

Opening hours 10:00 — late, sometimes very late :)


bizarre bazaar

An artisan showing his work

Local and travelling artisans, artists, jewellery makers, stylists et al gather to proudly show their works of art. Come to see fabrics, rings, get your hair cut, and generally meet an amazing group of people doing what they do! Oh, and we also have a DJ playing some kind of house from sunset to finish. Maybe a local musician if there is one around...
Wednesdays 16:30 to 22:00


goodvibes sunset

Djs, lights and love!

From sunset to ten, or a bit later if we're really having too much fun, we will have a super DJ, either local or a visiting international. We love house music, so it will be house music. Sometimes funky, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes chilled. The flavour may change, but the 4/4 beat remains! Come and put some energy on our restaurant dancefloor ;)
Fridays 17:30 to 22:00


unicorn monday

Art scenes on the beach

An evening a little bit different from the rest... Our resident DJ Kaonashi prepares a weekly set of music and visuals to take you on a journey... Each week has a theme such as social unrest, cultures from different parts of the world, origins of musical genres... Tapas is also served as the visuals start, to get you nice and comfortable. Something to really move your soul.
Mondays 17:30 to 22:00