ciao, sawadee ka, welcome...
seaboard invites you to experience our good vibes — a vibe like no other...

Since 2013, Seaboard Bungalows has been providing a beach resort in Koh Phangan that feels just like home, but with a tropical climate! A picture is worth a thousand words, so we made a video (below) to explain the Seaboard vibes as clearly as possible...!

tell me more about seaboard...

We have luxury villas on the beach, but we also accommodate travellers' needs with our backpackers bungalows. We enjoy the silence, but we also like to organise parties. We make our own bread and pasta. We have a massage hut on the beach for you to relax and heal, we also serve delicious and unique cocktails at our beach bar to help undo the healing :)

If you spend a day at Seaboard, or a whole month, we promise you will be moved!

Unicorns playing in the sun
Kids playing on the beach during orange sunset
Night time beach resort