things to do in koh phangan

Saunas, waterfalls, parties, beaches, yoga

So you made it to Phangan... Let us help you filter the noise and get you to the most impressive places to visit on this beautiful tropical island.



Highly recommended is a trip down to the sauna at Wat Pho, Baan Tai. It’s open from 10am until 8pm, costing only ฿100. Ladies (and gentlemen) must dress as if they were going to a temple, as the sauna is within temple grounds. So cover your shoulders and knees! The sauna is made with 13 different herbs, when you are finished you will feel fresh again, like a new born baby… They also have masseuses on site if you feel the urge!

Herbal sauna in Baan Tai



How about a tranquil waterfall visited by many Thai kings through the ages? Than Sadet is almost other-worldly, a majestic setting far in the jungle. It’s possible to climb through the inside of the waterfall – dark and scary, but worth it when your head pops out under the gushing water, so refreshing. We can organize a taxi for you to get there, as with any place you wish to visit. The beach nearby is also a great way to spend some time :)

Koh Phangan waterfalls



Okay, so maybe you came to Koh Phangan for the parties… There are lots, of course! Seaboard recommends Guy’s Bar/Eden for the weekend, definitely two of the best parties of the island. During the week Eden is also on Tuesday, and before the full moon party there is Sramanora (2 days before), Jungle Experience (1 day before). Closest to Seaboard is the 360 Bar that make parties twice a month or so. Set on top of an abandoned resort, there are panoramic views of all around.

We also have events at Seaboard, so you might not have to go far at all to get your groove on!

Partying in Koh Phangan



There are, as you would imagine, many beautiful beaches in Phangan (Haad Yao being one of them!). Other favourites include the infamous Haad Rin (still beautiful despite years of unchecked building and tourism), the quiet bays of Haad Thien, Haad Yuan and Haad Why Nam, Haad Khom (otherwise known as Coral Bay, good for snorkelling), and many others - just ask when you get here, as the tides are seasonal. A good beach in December might not be there in June, for example!

Paradise on earth



Over the last few years, yoga schools and retreats have become immensely popular in Phangan. Sometimes we have a yoga teacher in for daily morning sessions. If this is not the case, we can point you in the right direction for a good teacher.

Yoga, the union of body and mind...


other cool places

There are so many great places to check out in Phangan. There are also many places that may leave you disappointed. It can be difficult as a tourist to know where to go and where not to go, but that's what we are here for, use us! Between us we have many years of living here and are always willing to help you find the experience you deserve. Again, just ask!